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Ultra Home security System with 8 Zone

  • Monitors between one and eight entry/exit points (zones) of a building or room
  • Unique 40 years EEPROM memory circuitry for a complete peace of mind
  • Allows monitoring to be totally or partially suspended when required by the legitimate guardians (users) of the premises
  • Indicates audibly (e.g. bell) and/or visibly (e.g. strobe/flasher) when one or more zones have been entered without authority
  • Turns off activated bell after a preset period to prevent annoyance to neighbors            
  • Allows timed zone entry/exit (time-out) for users without triggering the full alarm
  • Allows full monitoring of required zones once time-out has ended
  • Allows users to terminate time-out procedure
  • Allows users to control the monitoring system by means of a unique alphanumeric personal identity code (PIN) entered via a keypad
  • Allows users to change the PIN code
  • Normally powered from a mains power source
  • Instantaneously switches over to being powered by a heavy duty back-up battery if mains power fails
  • Keeps the battery fully charged when mains power is present (the battery should be capable of keeping the monitoring system and any activated alarms operational for a reasonable period)
  • Allows the system to resume active monitoring should power totally fail but subsequently resume
  • Indicates that there has been a total power failure even after power has been resumed
  • Prevents the bell from being activated when power is resumed
  • Indicates for later viewing whether zones have been entered, even though there may also have been a power failure and resumption
  • Allows monitoring of fewer zones than are available
  • Automatically recognizes whether a sensor should be monitored for an open circuit or a closed circuit
  • Allows open circuit or closed circuit sensors to be used without system modification
  • Recognizes that a sensor is incorrectly open or closed prior to monitoring being activated and indicates which sensor is incorrect (i.e. door open when it should be closed)
  • Allows users to preview zone sensor status
  • Allows the bell-on time to be set for a shorter period than the 40 minutes
  • Allows users to check the system by means of indicator lights without activating the bell (etc.)
  • Allows indicator lights to display the status of the power supply and bell (etc.)
  • Provides anti-tamper warning of interference with the system
  • Provides a "Panic" button that immediately activates the bell (etc.) even if the system is not set for full zone monitoring
  • Provides "passive" advice (e.g. buzzer) that a zone has been entered even if the system is not set for full monitoring, and for the advice to be terminated once the zone has been vacated (e.g. to monitor shop-door opening/closing)
  • Accepts all conventional types of switched-output commercial sensor, including magnetic catches, pressure pads, passive infrared (PIR) devices, vibration detectors, etc., and for any mixture of these to be used
  • Inherently stable and most unlikely to be triggered except via the installed sensors

Multi Zone Intruder Alarm System with Autodialer System :

Model : SD - 2220
  • Can function as Stand Alone Dialer
  • Auto Dialer with Any Alarm System
  • Easy and Flexible programming with Built in Key pad or from remote phone
  • Tone / Pulse / Behind EPABX autodialing
  • Non-volatile memory for Phone Numbers & Voice Messages
  • Microphone & Speaker integrated
  • Alphanumeric LCD Display for user-friendly operations
  • Response indicator for Message Delivery
  • Maximum 10 Telephone Numbers each up to 32 digits can be programmed
  • Highest Message Delivery priority for first 4 Numbers
  • Programmable number of Message delivery & retries
  • Programmable Alarm Delay
  • Operates with external 12V DC Simple Design
  • Programmable High current Hooter output
  • Compact plastic body casing
  • Hardware watch dog and temper switch for security
  • If Sensors, Hooter & Power Supply are integrated, it is complete intruder alarm panel system
Different messages can be programmed for Different sensors input
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