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LC - 360 Ceilling Mounting PIR Sensor

•   Piezoelectric Style
•   No power supply is required
•   Accurately and effectively detect the strike of glass
•   The GS-380 series comes with superior design for high performance and
    effective glass striking detection
•   No false alarm signal will be generated from wrong vibration signal
•   Unique circuit and structure designs provide greater stability against false
    alarms cause from any environmental vibration
•   Detection Range 180 cm Radius

LC - 780 Series PIR Sensors

•   Wall / ceiling mount design
•   Built-in photocell sensor
•   Adjustable TIME & LUX control
•   Works at 100 ~ 250 VAC
•   Weatherproof protection
•   Surface mount technology
•   Sensor head tilt mechanism
•   Superior RFI/EMI immunity

PIR + MW Dual Technology Motion Detector

•   Advanced DRO microwave sensor
•   Specially designed long range detection
•   Second-to-none look down detection
•   Motion signal discretion technology
•   Intelligent pulse count PIR detection
•   Superior RFI & EMI protection
•   Adjustable microwave detection range
•   Temperature compensated PIR sensor
•   Fluorescent light interference filter
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