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Secure-Time Pro
(Time and Attendance Recording Software)

•  Windows based & User Friendly
•  Setup CD for a Quick and Simple Installation
•  Suitable for a large organisation or a small office

Extremely simple operation:
Simply put, the operation of the Secure-Time Series Software can be a single operation: Transfer Data! Once you transfer the data from the Secure-Time Data Collection Terminal the software automatically processes the data and gives processed as needed.


Secure-Time Software - Features :

Configuration : The preliminary installation of the Secure-Time Series Software is simple and easy. The user has to define all the masters in sequence for correct implementation of the software. Once that is done you are now in a position to utilize all the various functions of the software.

Master Entries : All masters are simple, concise and easy to understand.

Employee Master : The Employee Master can also be used as a database for all information on employees. For each employee, you can define arrival, departure and lunch time. Late, Early and overstay of that particular employee is computed based on these values.

Category Master: Used primarily to define the existing employee categories within an organization.

Department Master: This master is used to configure all the different Departments for a single shift organization. For example Sales, Service, Dispatch, Accounts, Finance etc.

Leave Master: Dynamic and can be set up as per company norms and regulations. Certain Leaves like CL, PL, LWP and SL are default leaves. Other leaves can be added as per the customer's requirements.

Holiday Master: Primarily used to set up all the holidays for the entire year. For example one has certain fixed National Holidays like Independence Day, Republic Day etc which can be entered in this master.

Shift master: The shift master helps you in generating various shift within an organisation. The Shift Master comes along with a handy shift scheduler. (This feature is available only with the Secure-Time Professional)

Leave Module : The Secure-Time Series Software comes with a ready to use leave module with multi-user capabilities. Right from Leave Request for every employee to Leave Accrual: the Leave Module is comprehensive and automates an extremely important and critical function of the HRM. The Leave module gives you various options like Leave Request, Approval, Clearance, Accrual and Opening Leave balance. These varied functions take care of most requirements of an organization.

Missing Punch Status:
One very useful tool given with the Secure-Time Series Software is the treatment of the missing punch. In case an employee has punched his card in the morning but forgets to do the same in the evening or vice versa the ‘missing punch' can create havoc in the reporting pattern of any software. Secure-Time controls this problem very effectively by offering the Lunch Card. With this tool the errors of missing punch in large factories are substantially reduced and therefore reporting problems further curtailed. Clearance of missing punches is necessary for generating the attendance summary/register.

Multi Shift Assignment (Secure-Time Professional):
Uniquely the Secure-Time Software can handle any number of shifts. Shifts can be assigned and rotated as per your fixed shift pattern. Shifts can be regenerated if required for a particular employee making Secure-Time truly dynamic in all respects. The Shift Scheduler also gives you the flexibility that you desire with making any tedious changes in the database.

Reports : Daily, Monthly, Periodic, Department, Designation, Employee and Masters. It generates around 30 reports covering following :

  1. Raw Data presentation for specific Analyses / study
  2. Reports on getting details of present Masters and Master wise details
  3. Typical Muster presentation with full summary
  4. List of Holidays
  5. Leave Application & Leave Register
  6. Missed Punch and Odd Punch analyses
  7. Paper work support for absent, early going & late coming by Memos
  8. Over time calculations
  9. Lost time analyses
  10. Shift schedule and shift wise details etc. covering all forms of data for time untilisation & analyses
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