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It's Smart!

  • “StockMaster” works wonders managing optimum inventory and invoicing!!
  • It is a very power tool for material/inventory management!!
  • Open-ended interface facilitates easy and quick access to multiple data sources!!
  • Easy navigation and finish your tasks in a jiffy!!
  • Access and edit with a single click of the mouse!!
Special Features:
User Friendly: Windows based software. Works on windows 95/98/NT/ME/2K/XP.

Versatile: Serves the wide spectrum of business activity, small trading shop to a large manufacturing unit; whether it is a small office by a large organization.

Utmost satisfaction level: “StockMaster” efficiently manages Inventory & Invoicing and gives instant and true picture of the resources used and yet are to be used.

Enhanced efficiency: Even the ‘Evaluation Version' of “StockMaster”, gives immediate demonstration of much superior inventory control, resulting in cost control & enhanced profitability.

Customisation: Open-ended architecture facilitates integration with other applications & tailor made solutions as per specific need without any extra cost, including customizing of reports.

Installation: Setup CD for a Quick and Simple Installation

Very simple: The functioning of all operations is fully computerized. It is extremely user friendly and basic computing skills are sufficient.

Inventory Module
Invoicing * Quotation * Challan * Letter Writer * Reminders * Order-placement

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