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Video Door Phone With Multi-Appartment Monitoring:

The video door phone enables the person inside the house to see the visitor and also talk to him before deciding to allow him to enter.

Mode of operation:
An outdoor unit consisting of a camera and mic/speaker is mounted above the door so that when visitor presses the doorbell, this camera is activated. The person in the house can see whoever is outside and talk to him. In case of Multi Apartment Video Door Phone, visitor would talk from the security gate only. By press of a button the door can be opened to allow the visitor to come in.

The video door phone helps avoid unwanted people like salesmen and also other unknown people from entering the house by eliminating the need to open the door when the door bell is rung.

Video Door Phone
MAVDP Control Panel
Audio Door Phone MAVDP
Control Panel

•  Suitable for Society of Flats / Bungalows, Guest House etc.

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